IconoSpinBlockPuzzleWe inform you that SpinBlock Puzzle and can be downloaded from Google Play Store as a new puzzle game. The beta phase is completed and the product is available for use.

Try it (it's free) and tell us what you think, leave a comment and rate it on Google Play Store.

We also want to thank all those who have played the alpha and beta versions, or have been interested in our game. And especially to those who have worked selflessly performing betatesting work or have provided suggestions, criticisms and recommendations. Thanks for everything.

Finally, we just hope that you enjoy playing SpinBlock Puzzle much as we have enjoyed creating it.

You can access Google Play Store to download it from the link below.

LogoSpinBlockPuzzleWe are pleased to announce that SpinBlock Puzzle is now available for Android on Google Play Store in beta access. This is puzzle-solving game with simple mechanics but attractive game. A casual game that challenges you overcome each of its levels and get the highest score.

Needless to say we will be happy to accommodate all your suggestions, opinions and criticisms. Which you may do by way of comments on the same site download Google Play Store or send them to our mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We invite you to try SpinBlock Puzzle and pass its 24 levels in the difficult and extra modes. Where you can solve more than 100 puzzles and get numerous items that will help you during the game.

You do not expect more to prove.


webimg1Whenever lack least for SpinBlock Puzzle is available on Google Play Store. And so you can take a look at gameplay here you have a small gameplay where the basic mechanics are visible.

The graphic content displayed (icons, menus, fonts, etc.) as well as the melodies or sounds of the final product may differ slightly from those shown in the video. In the same way that the distribution of some graphic elements on the screen. However they will be minor changes and not affect the gaming system.

Soon we will expand information.


logoIt was not planned. I was not even in the folder of pending review designs. But this game it was in a hurry to see the light and had intended to be the first of all. And when an idea is fixed in the mind and does not disappear, only one thing left to do. Make it a reality.

This is how SpinBlock Puzzle arises. A puzzle game where the goal is to arrange blocks of each image in the correct angle. Something seemingly simple but complicated, as can not use the natural rotation axis and having to dip into the other two to compensate.

Throughout the game you have to manipulate the blocks of each puzzle. From on a simple structure of 2x2 with a single axis of affected rotation (Y), to the more complex 5x5x5 where you have to use them all (X, Y, Z) . With the addition that at certain levels the number of images at stake is doubled, and with the handicap that some blocks can activate items, that will trigger adverse effects. As the disorder of already solved blocks, reducing the time and movements availables, or blocking certain blocks that may not be used in a certain amount of time or until they have solved a specific number of them.

Fortunately, those same blocks can also provide power-ups to counter the above items.

With 24 types of puzzle, 3 difficulty levels and over 100 images to be solved, SpinBlok Puzzle challenges you to complete them all and be the number one ranking.
Take the hard and extra modes to get coins and diamonds that will allow you to purchase items in the game.
Show that you have a 3D view, and complete each challenge before the time and movements reach zero.

Title: SpinBlock Puzzle

Genre: free to play, casual, puzzle.

Platform: Android.

Release Date: June 2016.