We continue to work on the development of Crystal Challenger. This time with modeling and texturing of a new enemy for the game. A gatekeeper that can be found in the different levels of each map. The geometric model, for those who are curious, has been made in Blender and has 951 vertices and 1900 triangles. And though this first approach is already very valid, the final textured may vary.

The enemy AI will have several types of behavior as the patrol mode, persecution and combat. We are currently involved in programming the same and when its performance be stable enough to be included in the game, will be in the next update of the playable demo.


Released the first playable demo of Crystal Challenger so you can see first hand the features of this title and ye may prove its gameplay. 

In this demo there are 7 full levels that you can overcome with the help of a number of items scattered throughout each level. 

The demo is fully functional although some features are not yet implemented. The objective of this first demo version is to serve approach to the game to check its playability and performance. Both related to the configuration section as those relating to usability during the game. 

Of course, given that this is an alpha version, it is expected that some errors may arise during operation or bugs. So any report on the matter would be very beneficial for correction. 

On the other hand, we are open to any suggestions and indication. All the feeback will be well received. 

The content of the demo is translated initially to the Spanish and English languages. Although we plan to incorporate new ones during the project.

Initially you have downloads for versions of Windows and Android, although the latter is not at such an advanced stage as the first. In successive deliveries we will include versions for Linux and Mac Os.

To get the game file you can go to the download area where all available versions are shown so far, or click on the link below to start downloading the latest version

Download link

We invite you to try it and you to leave your comments on our Facebook and G +.

Says a well-known phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words. For that reason here we bring you a small selection of screenshots taken from the PC version of Crystal Challenger. And incidentally, it must be said, we took the opportunity to inaugurate the multimedia section of the web.

Logo Crystal Challenger

Halfway between an arcade game of platforms and a game of  exploration and collection, Crystal Challenger is the first project to Binary Flags it is pleased to present.

After a few months of work in the 3d modeling, the programming and the level design, and after completing the first stages of its development until a first playable version, we can already say that Crystal Challenger is the first title that the study expected to launch.

"Helps Andy to escape from each of the levels where it has been sent by the aura of Summoner crystal. You will have to explore, collect, jumping, climbing, swimming, fight and solve puzzles, along more than 120 levels spread across four large maps. 

Get the output key of each of the levels and unlock multiple rewards for achievements during the trip. Collect items along the way, avoid traps, defeat enemies and finally get back home, safe and sound. 

And if at some point the road, you're tired of the job and you want to relax, go into the multiplayer levels and compete as a team or individually against other players."


Title: Crystal Challenger.

Genre: Arcade, platforms, puzzles.

Players: Single player and multiplayer.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android.

Release Date: Undetermined.


We will keep you informed of progress in the development of Crystal Challenger, so if you wish to know their status do not forget to visit us. Or, for your convenience, you can also subscribe to our RSS using the links at the end of the web.