Yes, as stated in the title of the post we have already opened branch on both platforms. Or what it is the same thing we already have Steam page concept and presence in IndieDB to broaden horizons and let us know a little more.

With this new step we will cover stages and we hope to get a substantial way that both the study and our first project, Crystal Challenger, reach the community of players with greater ease. For that reason we keep an informative approach on both platforms of all the advances and new developments in parallel to those made on this website.

On the other hand and as the communities of players both sites are very important and extremely active, we are very attentive to any suggestions, advice and criticism come from them. All with the sole aim of improving the outcome of Crystal Challenger and few other projects come after him.

Then we leave the links to the page Crystal Challenger on both platforms in case you want to give you a tour and see what he says. And it goes without saying that if you consider it appropriate to leave a comment, subscribe, or simply like, we are extremely grateful. 


Steam Greenlight Crystal Challenger

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Well ... we're here in the output point and excited about the idea of ​​starting the trip.

We are passionate about programming and video games, but do not know for sure if it's necessarily in that order, and for that reason was only a matter of time that the two passions merged giving way to a project like this. Binary Flags | Game Studio is the result.

Driven by the principle that a game should be, above all, funny, Binary Flags born as an independent study carried this rule in their own genes.

We believe in the ensemble formed by the creator&player and in the synthesis that defines this union. And because of that, we excites us both, create and make projects that, once finished, you also be excited to play.

We have ideas, as soon as you can see, and we want to implement them with sufficient care . For that reason we no hurry to reach the goal and yes very excited to go the way to it.